Homeless fire couple claim London Fire Brigade bosses let them down

Posted under Fatalities on 01 Nov 2010

An Enfield family left combing through ashes for personal possessions after their home was gutted in a fire said the Emergency fire cover organised by the LFB let them down.

Roula and Dougie Spanos of Birkbeck Road said the efforts of the fire fighters employed by the private company were “appalling and ludicrous.” This was a cover arranged by the LFB bosses to cover an eight hour strike by the regular fire fighters in a dispute over shift patterns.

The Spanos’ house caught fire just before 5pm and the couple had to call six times and wait 20 minutes before a fire engine arrived at the scene which had escalated the smoke to rising flames. A second engine arrived shortly afterwards, but did not even have the breathing apparatus that would have enabled them to fight the fire from inside. Instead they had to fight from outside and had to squirt water on the blaze from outside while the family were forced watch in horror their roof collapsing.

Mrs. Spanos  said She wanted the public to know the truth about the arranged emergency cover being provided and said the fire fighters.

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